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I specialize in editing for academic publications, notably editing for English as a Second Language (ESL) speakers and researchers. However, I also offer copyediting services at a premium rate for organizations, foundations, and individuals.

And for authors searching for guidance as they navigate publishing, I provide publishing consultation services for aspiring non-fiction and children’s book authors.


Academic editing requires a mastery of grammar, formatting, and citations, which can be difficult to focus on when you’re tied up with research content. If you are an academic who needs help meeting your goals or finishing a manuscript, I can help. I can be particularly helpful if English is not your first language.

Your writing, no matter the medium, deserves the care of a fellow academic with over a decade of publishing experience. I have the expertise to translate your thoughts to their most polished English version, so that your scholarship shines. Whether you need help with your dissertation, journal article, manuscript, research grant application, or report, I’m here to help. Fill out my contact form below to get help with your academic editing needs.

Copy editing

In addition to other editing services, I offer upscale copyediting and proofreading services at a premium rate. If you are a business executive looking for support in editing copy for important documents, such as annual reports, contact me below for more information.

Pricing starts at $180 per 1,000 words.

Publishing Consulting

Trying to choose between self-publishing or traditional publishing? Need help preparing a book proposal or want a fresh set of eyes on your manuscript? After years of experience in the world of publishing, I am proud to offer consulting services to others as they navigate their own publishing journeys. Whatever support you need, fill out the contact form below to book a consultation.

Consultations available for non-fiction or children’s book publishing.

Consultation fees start at $200 per hour for a one-time consultation. Package rates also available.

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