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As a brand strategist, I work independently and in partnership with PR companies to advise on editorial outreach strategies that forge successful storytelling narratives that get results. In working with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality for non-government-related entrepreneurs, funders, and changemakers, I help leaders and emerging brands own their stories and articulate their “why” to B2B and B2C audiences.

While you’re building your products, services, and teams, I build your SEO authority and name recognition with traditional press. 

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I work with funders, founders, executives and leaders to craft messages that will position them as thought leaders within their respective industries. This may look like writing a blog, an op-ed for a publication, non-fiction book chapters, or a speech.

I am always open to new and different ghostwriting projects. If you need someone to channel your authentic voice and take writing off your busy plate, fill out my contact form below.

Executive Thought Leadership

It matters how you position yourself within your industry. When others see you as an expert and an innovative thinker, they look to you for leadership and recommendations.

My executive thought leadership services encompass a wide range of solutions for busy executives, entrepreneurs, and other leaders. These include consulting, researching, and advising on strategies for a personal or product brand; consulting and advising on the big-picture view of positioning yourself as a thought leader; thought leadership strategy; and other support writing services as needed. Fill out the contact form below to speak with me about leveling up your executive thought leadership.

Startup Comms Consulting

When you lead a startup or small business, messaging is a vital piece of the puzzle. Without carefully crafted messages for both internal and external communications, you cannot scale a successful brand. First, you need your internal teams to buy into your mission; then, you need your audience to buy in. And before you can begin to address any of these concerns, you must build your message from the ground up – your mission, vision, and values.

I help startup executives craft foundational messages and outreach strategies to attract top talent, funders, and future clients. I teach leadership how to talk to their growing team, build communications strategies, and build messaging before there is even a fully-developed product. My consulting also includes crafting a sustainable outreach cadence for your print and social messaging strategy.

Consulting can extend to the finer details of building standard operating procedures for task and social cohesion. Ideas may include, but are not limited to, building internal and external newsletters, standard processes for tasking and delegating, and notes from the founder or leader’s pen to staff and anchor clients.

If you are a leader who wants to stream line communications in your organization, fill out the form below to get in touch.

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