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What are they and how do you get rid of them?

Seeking bug specialists to provide brief (3-5 sentence) and unique answers to these questions:

  • Explain the characteristics of clover mites and the problems they can cause
  • How to identify them (their appearance, differentiation from other pests, etc.?
  • What attracts them?
  • What can you do about them in the house? Chemical (insecticides, etc) and DIY remedies?
  • How can you prevent them from coming back?

    The deadline is 12 pm EST, July 10.

Please email me ASAP!

If you (or someone you rep) are interested in responding, please send the answers to any/all Qs and a short bio with backlinks to my email address:

If I use your response, I will try to let you know, but I can’t promise.

(Set up a Google Alert with my name or yours, and you’ll prob catch it well before I do.)

The Fine Print:

  • If I’ve quoted you within the last 3 months, please do not/not respond. I want to give space to varied voices in this field.
  • Email with a short bio (2-5 sentences).
  • PR friends: Feel free to reach out with a bio AND the responses.
  • Underrepresented and un-agented voices are encouraged to respond!!!

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